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Web Conferencing Tools

These tools support screen and application sharing between two individuals or small groups as well as larger scale web meeting and conferencing systems.

Key to Availability
£=cost; C =add code; D =download;  H = hosted service;  I=installed servers; OS = Open source; FT=free trial

Top Web Conferencing Tools 2009
as voted for by learning professionals worldwide

Tool Summary Available
Adobe Connect Online meeting rooms and interactive web conferencing. Screenshare desktop applications or files.  (Formerly  Macromedia Breeze Live) £ H/D FT
Dimdim Web conferencing service (download required for presenter only) Free D/H OS
Elluminate Real-time virtual classroom environments designed for academic institutions and corporate training (Live/vroom Free/£ D/H FT


Other Web Conferencing Tools


Tool Summary Available
1videoconference For live video conferencing Free D OS
AccuConference Meeting Central® web conferencing provides complete desktop, application and document sharing, plus video conferencing £ H
AlmostMeet Collaborative group meetings Free H
Amberjack To create site tours Free H OS
Anyplace Control Remote control software that allows you to control remote computers from anywhere in the world £ D FT
BeamYourScreen Instantly show your computer screen to anyone online £ D FT
Bosco’s screen share Share your screen Free D
Bulent’s Screen Recorder Captures whatever you see on your screen as video (with audio) and pictures. £ D FT
Cisco Telepresence Innovative, new technology that creates unique, in-person experiences between people, places, and events in their work and personal lives £ D
Clip2Net Share your screen Free D
CrossLoop Screen sharing utility Free D
eBVLD Simple and affordable online meetings and web-based remote access products £ D FT
eLecture A turnkey virtual classroom software product allowing conducting live interactive lectures over the network, with students attending the lectures virtually £ D FT
e/pop PowerPoint, document, application and desktop sharing, remote control, and multiparty audio and video conferencing. £ I/H
FlashMeeting Allows a dispersed group of people to meet from anywhere in the world with an internet connection Free H
Fonomo Video conferencing Free H
Fuze meeting Web conferencing software Free H
GatherPlace. net Easy and affordable web conferencing £ H FT
Genesys Meeting Center On demand audio and video web conferencing £ H FT
glance One-button desktop sharing tool for web demos and presentations £ H FT
GoToMeeting For online meetings £ H FT
HearMe Desktop video conferencing tool that offers distance educators the ability to host scalable online classes. £ H FT
HyperMeeting Robust and easy to use web conferencing. Meet with up to 125 students. Use presentations, whiteboard, desktop and application sharing. £ H FT
Instant Web Meetings Run PowerPoint presentations on on a cost-effective broadband solution £ £D
instantPresenter Web conferencing tools £ H FT
interwise Transforms conferencing into a company-wide core business applications £ H/D


iVocalize Interactive Web Conference Meetings for today’s distributed workforce, online seminars, e-Learning classrooms £ H/D FT
Live Classroom Teach and meet live online. £ D
LiveLook Instant screen sharing Free H
Live Meeting For online meetings, training, and events and to collaborate with either individuals or large groups £ H/D
Live Office Powerful web conferencing for effective online meetings £ H FT
Marratech Free To hold meetings and video conferencing on the web, face-to-face, whenever you want. (free for up to 5 users) Free/£ D
Meeting24.tv A web conference system for up to 24 users for 24/7 Free H
MeetingAgenda Lite Desktop sharing that allows users to view remote computers Free D
MeetingZone Audio and web conferencing £ H
MegaMeeting Affordable Web and Video Conferencing Software £ H/D
MeMyMo Online meeting rooms £ H FT
Microsoft SharedView Fast, easy way to share documents and screen views with small groups of friends or coworkers Free D
Mikogo Easy to use screen sharing tool (also works with Skype) Free D
Mousecloud One-click meetings Free H
NetOp School Share any screen with the class, follow students as they work, control what applications can be used, distribute and collect documents £ D
Netviewer Enables two people to work together interactively by sharing their screens and even granting remote-control rights to each other. £ H FT
Oneeko Allows you to extend visual content to any telephone conversation in seconds without imposing any downloads on your guests Free/£ D
ooVoo Talk face-to-face – with high-quality video and audio – to friends, family, and co-workers, as if you’re in the same room together Free D
OpenHuddle Each room offers Video, Audio, Text Chat and Drawing Board tools Free H
PalBee Video conferencing and meeting room tool Free H
PCVisit Screen sharing and web conferencing £ D FT
Persony Flash based web and video conferencing solution £ H FT
Polycom Vendor of Unified Conferencing, from a two person audio system through to a video, voice, data and web conferencing solution for 100s £ D
Powwownow Web conferencing tool Free H
PresentationPro Tools to create and deliver PowerPoint presentations £ D FT
PresenterNet For interactive web meetings £ D FT
Proxy Pro 6 Enterprise level remote pc access software. Focus on security and service. £ D FT
ReadyTalk Desktop, application sharing and remote control.  Model based around superior customer service and easy use £ H FT
Rhub Advanced Web conferencing software for PC and Mac in a secured appliance. £ D FT
Saba Centra Live Interactive virtual classes, Web seminars and e-meetings £ H/D FT
Scopia Desktop Video conferencing client £ O
ShareItNow Share anything on your desktop to anyone, anywhere, anytime (Free and Plus versions) Free/£ H
Switchport Live web-based collaboration and communication £ H
Screen Stream Screen broadcasting software Free D
SkyFex Remote Assistant Desktop sharing tool Free D
Slidelive Present yourself online Free H
Spreed Screen sharing and conferencing (free for up to 3 people) Free H
teamslide Live web presentations (Standard edition free) Free D
TeamViewer Desktop sharing and remote control (free for personal use) £/Free D FT
TelePresence Innovative, new technology that creates unique, in-person experiences between people, places, and events £ O
UltraVNC Powerful, easy to use software that can display the screen of another computer on your own screen. Free D
Unyte View a desktop or share documents (Skype plugin) Free D
vRoom Web conferencing (free for up to 3 participants) Free H
Vidivic Easy-to-access free web conferencing Free H
Voxwire Meeting Room Unlimited computer-to-computer web conferencing application £ H FT
Vyew Web conferencing and collaboration system (Free, Plus and Professional versions) Free/£ H FT
WebEx Web meetings and web conferencing for bigger businesses £ H/D FT
WebEX Meet Me Now Web meetings and web conferencing for individual and small businesses £ H/D FT
WebHuddle For virtual meetings Free H OS
WebRoom Web conferencing tool and virtual office space £ H
Wengo Meeting audio and video conferencing Free H
Wimba Live Classroom Teach and meet live online £ H
WiZiQ Online teaching platform, which provides a free virtual classroom environment for teachers to interact online. Free H
Yac Audio and web conferencing £ H FT
Yugma Web conferencing Free D
Yuuguu Screen sharing, application sharing, instant messaging Free D
Zoho Meeting Web Conferencing – Meet Online – Demonstrate – Access Free H
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